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Things to avoid to get a Japanese visa extension

Visa extension: international students, trainees, engineers, ...

Things to avoid to extend your Japanese student visa
1 / Stay out of school too much
This is an extremely important evaluation criteria in considering the extension of Japanese student visas. Leaving too much to show that you are not a serious student. The reason is absolutely worthy for not continuing to issue a visa for you to study in Japan.

You need to ensure your promotion rate is over 80%. This rate averages from all learning months. Each month is calculated according to the actual number of lessons in the month. Students need to pay attention to their diligence to ensure that they do not take more than the prescribed number of sessions,

2 / Violation of school rules and Japanese national laws
In order to be able to extend your Japanese student visa, you need to avoid violating the regulations. Not only is the law but also the smaller things in school. Japan is famous as a country of seriousness and discipline, so it is highly appreciated.

One of the most common errors of Vietnamese students is overtime. The rule is not to work over 28 hours a week but many people work up to 48-50 hours. Avoiding this error is not too difficult, you can seriously do enough 28 hours a week. Or an agreement with the owner is a tax indicator of 28 hours according to regulations.

Please make more reasonable to avoid Japanese law violations

3 / No debt owed
Failure to complete the tuition fees for the next term is a major consequence of visa renewal. It shows that you are not planning to study, not serious about studying. That way, it is very difficult for the Japanese resident to continue to apply for a student visa.

Therefore, before the end of this term, you must prepare financially to pay the next semester tuition. Ensuring the completion of pre-term tuition obligations. Thus, the renewal of your Japanese student visa will be successful.

4 / Allow the visa extension time to exceed
This is a mistake many Vietnamese students make. The reason is not paying attention to the deadline of your visa. When I remember, my visa has expired. And you become an illegal resident in Japan. At that time, to the residence bureau to renew your visa you will have to pay a fine and the affected file.

When you apply for an extension of a student visa in Japan, you cannot get it immediately. It will usually take 5 working days to 2 weeks to get a visa. Ideally, before the visa expires 1 month, you should prepare the application and proceed to extend the visa.


Things to avoid to be granted a Japanese engineer visa extension

1 / The first reason, you missed an engineer visa to Japan because your degree is not suitable for work. This is the most common reason that most records are affected.
The reason is that the applicant did not have the experience, so the explanation of your degree is not clear, leading to the sliding of the Administration Department. In this case, we should choose to go to the explanation department or withdraw the file back to do it again.

2 / The second reason that you missed visa engineer to Japan is due to imperfect documents, shown in the following aspects:
- Profile is not consistent
- The file is missing some other documents

3 / The third reason is criminal record, you forgot to delete the sentence. This also makes you miss your visa.

4 / The fourth reason is that your guarantee company has a problem, expressed in the following two aspects:

- The company has a charter: inability to guarantee, does not get trust from the department.
- The company is encountering some problems discovered by the department.